Lighting for Mining

For over 75 years, Phoenix has set the standard for rugged mine lights that keep productivity high and operators safe.

Lighting for Mines 

Phoenix's heavy-duty mining LED lights are built to withstand the harshest conditions and provide the highest levels of visibility for mine sites. Operators experience improved visibility and reduced maintenance downtime with our durable mining LED fixtures. Lighting for mines from Phoenix improves operator comfort, minimizes glare, prevents eye strain and fatigue, supporting safety initiatives and ensuring reliable working conditions. Specialized optics create a tailored mine lighting system that performs exceptionally in dust, fog, rain, snow, or other challenging environments, maximizing productivity.  Mining LED lights, designed specifically for mines, enhance productivity and efficiency by adjusting brightness and color to match preferences and the environment. From equipment to facilities, Phoenix's sustainable LED fixtures elevate visibility and safety throughout your entire mine. 

Phoenix offers a wide variety of mine site LED light options, including mine safety LED light, mine amber LED light, LED floodlights specifically designed for mining applications, explosion-proof LED light, mine/construction fog light, mine/construction no-glare light, and heavy-duty LED work light. 

High-Wattage AC LED Floodlight Illuminates Dragline and Shovel for Optimal Productivity and Safety

AC Equipment

For decades, we've collaborated with operators to deliver optimized illumination for draglines and shovels. Draglines demand the highest level of durability alongside uniform, consistent light under the boom for optimal productivity and safety. Our AC High Wattage LED floodlight enables operators to effectively read the grade while maintaining the highest safety standards. 

Durable DC LED Lights for Mobile Mining Equipment: Superior Visibility in Harsh Conditions

DC Equipment

Mobile mining equipment necessitates lighting for mines that can endure extreme shock, vibration, rocky terrain, and inclement weather. Phoenix's DC mining LED light, with exceptional glare control, provides the most dependable illumination for haul truck LED light, excavators, dozers, wheel loaders, and other mobile equipment. These applications require consistent light, exacting durability standards to keep productivity and safety high, and minimal maintenance. 

Phoenix LED lights illuminate crushing sites, processing plants, wash bays, haul roads, and all mining infrastructure for superior visibility, 24/7.


Crushing sites and processing plants require lights that can handle any environmental factor and 24/7 heavy shock and vibration. Wash bays, storage areas, warehouses, and other facility areas need lights that will operate under challenging conditions. Haul roads and yards require superior illumination across large open areas. Phoenix's solutions, including conveyor LED light, mine pit LED light for open pit applications, stacker reclaimer LED light, and bucketwheel excavator LED light, exceed these expectations and ensure optimal visibility throughout your mining infrastructure. 

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