Phoenix helps Port of Charleston strengthen their commitment to “green”

End Customer: Port of Charleston
Location: Charleston, SC

Project Details

The Port of Charleston, the “greenest port in the Southeast,” receives an average of six vessels a day carrying $150 million in cargo. Boasting a 500-ton barge crane and a number of STS and RTG cranes, the Port completes 35 crane moves per hour making it the most productive port in the United States.


Strive to the be the greenest port in the Southeast and be able to manage increased cargo volumes coming into the port, all while maintaining the safest work environment possible for terminal employees.

The Port of Charleston’s five existing cranes were using 1000W metal halide fixtures. Replacement parts have been harder to come by as manufacturers are increasingly focused on newer technology and making more energy efficient products. That, paired with high energy and maintenance costs, meant it was time to make the switch to LED.


Phoenix worked with the Port of Charleston to retrofit five existing STS cranes with 146 new EcoMod® LEDs. Operators at the terminal couldn’t be happier with the improved light quality. Phoenix’s customized optics put the light exactly where the operators need it to do their job safety and effectively. This has been especially important for an industry that has traditionally dealt with operator fatigue and light glare.

Because of the initial success of Phoenix’s LED lights, the Port of Charleston invested in 12 new cranes to help with increased cargo volume. Each of the new cranes, six new STS and six new RTG cranes, will have Phoenix’s EcoMod 2 LED fixtures installed, 560 fixtures total. Furthermore, the port is extending their quest for total lighting efficiency to crane walkways. They will soon be retrofitting existing, traditional fixtures to Phoenix’s LED Cube-Lights designed for accessways.

Phoenix’s durable fixtures, proven industry reputation and superior customer service are the perfect match for the Southeast’s “greenest port in America.”

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