DC Equipment Lights

A complete range of rugged and durable DC powered LED work lights

Built for a full range of surface mining, underground mining, forestry, agricultural, industrial, construction, maritime and ports heavy-duty mobile equipment


Phoenix offers a complete range of rugged, low voltage DC work lights suitable for any piece of mobile equipment. Phoenix’s Sturdilite® work lights lead the industry in efficiency and light output, and are available in a range of models and sizes to ensure a proper fit for any piece of mobile equipment.

DC equipment lights are available with various customized beam patterns that optimize lighting across the working area. Amber and no-glare options aide visibility in dust, fog and inclement weather. Driving optics effectively direct light towards targeted work areas and eliminate glare on other operators and equipment.

Phoenix’s mobile equipment lights have been designed and tested to survive intense and constant vibration and shock, accidental impact, and high temperatures. This leads to reduced unscheduled maintenance and downtime for operations. Quick connect wiring allows for no additional electrical wiring when replacing existing lights.


  • Mining: Haul trucks, dozers, excavators, drills, wheel loaders, graders, front-end loaders, jumbos, scoopers, dumpers and other surface mining and underground mining equipment.
  • Forestry: Harvesters, forwarders, shovel loggers, knuckle boom loaders, yarders, feller buncher and other forestry equipment.
  • Agricultural: Combine harvesters, tractors, ATVs and other agricultural equipment.
  • Industrial: Forklifts, utility vehicles, pick-up trucks, off-road equipment, railroad maintenance equipment, solar and generator powered lighting and other industrial equipment.
  • Construction: Mobile cranes, excavators, rollers, and other construction equipment.
  • Maritime: Patrol boats, pilot boats, fishing boats and other marine vessels.
  • Ports: Reach stackers, top lifts, straddle carriers, and other material handling and port equipment


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