Trusted worldwide in the most demanding industries

A versatile range of floodlights for demanding applications in ports, mining, marine and industrial. Regardless of your application, there is a model suitable to your requirements for corrosion resistance, shock, vibration and moisture.


We’ve designed durable, industry leading floodlights since the 1950s – expertise that continues with our LED floodlights today. Our range of LED floodlights include ModCom 3 Series, EcoMod 3 Series, Command Flood Series, Highland Series and CLIR Series.

No matter the certification or requirement, our LED floodlight range holds up to the rigid standards and specifications your project requires. Each floodlight includes customized optics, a durable yet versatile mounting bracket and a range of wattage and size options.

Our floodlights are engineered to withstand constant vibration, moisture and corrosion, making them the ideal choice for mine sites, ports, shipyards and industrial facilities or marine environments.

Engineers, naval architects and maintenance teams choose Phoenix floodlights for their reliability, durability and repairability.


  • Mining: Electric rope shovels, draglines, excavators
  • Ports and Terminals: Ship-to-shore cranes, RTG cranes, automatic stacking cranes, mobile harbor cranes, container yards
  • Marine: Tugboats, towboats, offshore service vessels, offshore wind platforms and service vessels, ferries, barges, fishing vessels, patrol boats, shipyard cranes, offshore cranes, dredging equipment, shipyard cranes
  • Government: U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Military Sealift Command vessels, shipyard cranes, aircraft hangars
  • Industrial: Hazardous locations, marine and coastal locations, overhead cranes, prisons, industrial facilities
  • Aviation: Apron lighting



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