Area Lights

Purpose-built LED lights for dedicated applications

Broad selection of general area lights engineered for optimal outdoor and indoor large area illumination


The fixtures found in our area light section are purpose built for dedicated applications, anywhere from outdoor high mast, to indoor high bay, accessways, as well as customized task lighting. When you need a light for an unusual application, there is likely a Phoenix LED area light suitable for your environment and lumen requirements.

Each area light is engineered with the latest in LED technology, and built to perform in heavy duty industrial applications. From diffuse lenses to customized optic, our fixtures optimize light output and distribution for a wide variety of applications. Fixtures are built to withstand intense shock and vibration, corrosion and wide ambient temperature ranges.


  • Outdoor high mast: haul roads, pit and yard lighting, stockyards, storage yards, truck stops and other facility high mast lighting
  • Indoor high bay: workshops, warehouses, wash bays, airplane hangars, sports arenas, gymnasiums, storage facilities and factories
  • Infrastructure lighting: perimeter lighting for the outside of buildings and other facilities, as well as wall washing and security lighting
  • Accessway lighting: walkways, stairways and doorways for exterior and interior vessel decks and port STS, RTG gantry and mobile harbor cranes
  • Customized task lighting: logo and signage lighting, workstations, maintenance lighting, inspection stations, machine stations, landscape lighting and other task specific work areas



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