Lighting for Aviation

Superior lighting and controls that meet unique aviation safety requirements.


We work with airports to install our high mast LED floodlights over aircraft aprons to enhance worker performance through advanced glare control and uniform light coverage. Our turnkey large area lighting package is designed to be customizable depending on the requirements of each project. Our solutions include lighting simulations and review of structural design. If needed, we can provide the complete scope of supply – including fixtures, wiring, electrical connection, poles and rings. With optional lighting controls, airports can program light levels around activity and capture additional maintenance and energy savings. Additional services include project management, installation service and extended warranty options.

Ramps & aprons

Ramps & Aprons

Ramps, aprons and de-icing pads are some of the busiest parts of the airport, and where auxiliary vehicles and airplanes share the same space. Pilots and ground crews depend on reliable illumination to execute the servicing and parking of airplanes. We've designed an LED lighting solution for airport aprons that offers durability, reliability and optimal light quality, while minimizing glare discomfort for pilots and ground personnel. By installing energy efficient floodlighting and integrated lighting controls, airports can reduce energy consumption and achieve significant annual savings.



The regular storage, maintenance and flight preparations that happen under hangars require superior lighting to enable greater levels of precision and efficiency. Whether you need to upgrade an airport’s hangar lighting, or are designing the lighting for a new build, Phoenix provides the most advanced solutions that guarantee proper illumination for operations. LED lighting with specialized optics ensure illumination levels reach under the aircraft, where most work is conducted, eliminating dependency on auxiliary lighting such as flashlights and carts.

Baggage & service areas

Baggage & Service Areas

Phoenix's solutions for baggage and service areas provide optimal light that will aid in worker safety and productivity by illuminating where it is needed the most. With higher quality lighting, workers remain safe and work with precision, energy consumption decreases, and time spent on lighting-related maintenance is significantly reduced.

Large area lighting

Large Area Lighting

Airports are complex and often cover hundreds of acres of land. No matter the scale of an airport's operations, Phoenix can provide superior high mast lighting and controls for various large areas like cargo areas, landsides, facilities, parking lots, access roads and more. Our lighting designs deliver advanced LED lighting solutions that can be simply retrofitted into existing infrastructure or integrated into the design of facility upgrades.

Perimeter lighting

Perimeter Lighting

Phoenix offers airports energy-efficient lighting designed to improve illumination, while minimizing maintenance and operational costs. Our durable high mast floodlights are engineered to provide crisp, clear light and uniformity that enhances the safety and security of the airport's perimeters, both internally and externally. Our fixtures comply with the technical standards and certifications required by the Federal Aviation Administration and are designed to be maintenance-free for the best cost and time-saving strategy.


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