Lighting Controls

Increase energy efficiency and maximize fixture life

Seamless lighting control solutions using best-in-class partners and innovative controls technology


Take control of your lighting by integrating controls with Phoenix large area lighting products and select fixtures commonly used in ports and airports. Use of lighting controls offers up to 35% more energy efficiency with improved operational safety and security to any facility.

Our esteemed technology partner, Synapse®, offers intuitive wireless lighting controls and energy management features. These encompass cloud-based zones, scenes, and schedules, automated on/off capabilities, and constant monitoring of connected fixtures. The Synapse® SimpleSnap platform provides real-time feedback and energy performance data, enabling more intelligent asset management and predictive maintenance, which ultimately leads to reduced operational costs.

The versatility of Phoenix LED fixtures ensure a seamless integration with Synapse® wireless technology. However, Phoenix large area light fixtures can also be used with any third-party lighting control system that you prefer or already have installed.


  • Port and Intermodal Terminals. Lighting controls incorporated onto high mast container yard or crane lighting delivers increased energy savings, extended lifetime and real-time performance monitoring.
  • Airport Aprons. Commercial and military airports use lighting controls to ensure lights are operational and ready for safe ground operations.
  • Warehouse high bays. Customize occupancy and operational schedules to achieve further energy savings in your facility.

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