Industries We Illuminate

  • Ports and Terminals

    Ports and Terminals

    Global port operators rely on our crane lighting and large area solutions for safe night time operations

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  • Mining


    On the most demanding equipment, rugged Phoenix fixtures keep mining operations safe and productive

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  • Marine


    Inland waterway, ocean going and military vessels use our exterior and navigation lights to keep their crews safe

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  • Industrial


    Outdoor, harsh and hazardous environments aren’t a problem for our rugged fixtures

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  • Aviation


    In commercial and military airports, ground crews work with efficiency and precision with our large area lighting solutions

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  • Government


    The US government has trusted our Made in USA and BAA compliant fixtures to deliver reliable illumination for over 50 years

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Bringing Sustainability to Mining with Sustainable Lighting

Stay ahead of imminent changes in the industry while enhancing operations.

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Our Latest News

International Mining magazine spoke with Phoenix on smart lighting advancements for mine lights adjustable to weather or operational conditions. Click below and turn to page 56 for the in-depth Q&A.

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"The flexibility of what we have developed is so critical. We have constructed the system in a way that will be completely scalable and allow for Phoenix lights to play a key role in the smart mines of the future."

Nate Klieve

VP of Product Management & Development

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