Large Area Lights

A complete lighting system of LED fixtures, rings, poles and wiring

Efficiently illuminate ports, intermodal terminals, aircraft aprons and other large areas


Phoenix LED solutions are engineered to deliver even illumination across a wide area, in the most extreme outdoor conditions. Our LED lighting addresses your challenges by reducing long-term maintenance costs and raising energy efficiency while improving overall safety and security of a facility. You can trust our fixtures to deliver clear light wherever it’s needed – providing safe working conditions below

Looking to retrofit existing lights or designing the lighting for a facility expansion? We offer a variety of services, including lighting design, poles, electrical wiring and customization. Get in touch with us for further inquiries.


  • Airport aprons. Commercial and military airports use Phoenix high mast fixtures to provide ground crews with safe illumination for disembarking, refueling and de-icing work. 
  • Port and intermodal terminals. Our fixtures provide energy-efficient and glare-free illumination across large container handling and storage areas at ports and rail facilities. 
  • Military bases. Air Force, Air National Guard and military bases use Phoenix fixtures to ensure safe operations and the security of the facility. 
  • Prisons. Our high mast fixtures provide reliable, bright illumination to maintain the safety and security of prisons and correctional facilities.


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