Meridian Series | High Mast & Area LED Floodlight

The proven and versatile high mast light option for large area illumination


The Meridian Series illuminates ports, terminals and large areas throughout the world, reducing maintenance costs while improving the safety and security of these facilities. It is CE approved and incorporates customized optics to deliver uniform illumination to any large area. The Meridian Series is a solid choice to retrofit outdated, HID fixtures or specified for the construction of new terminals, large areas and industrial facilities. The fixture’s variety of optical choices deliver the necessary light levels throughout the facility and minimize fixture quantity and investment costs.

The Meridian is available in two different sizes – 500 and 250. The versatility of multiple lumen outputs, combined with a range of customized optics, delivers superior illumination for the environment or operations below. With a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours, it is ideal for large areas of ports, intermodal terminals, airports and other demanding applications. It delivers up to 65% energy savings over traditional HID fixtures.

The Meridian Series is compatible with Synapse® lighting controls and can be provided with a 7-pin connector. This allows for integration with other third-party controls systems if needed.



500 – 530W

250 – 265W

Lumen Output

500 – 80,000 lumens

250 – 40,000 lumens

Power Source

90-305V, 50-60Hz

Ambient Operating Temperature

-40°C to +45°C

Color Temperature

Cool white – 5000K

Neutral white – 4000K

Additional color temperatures available


High-strength, AL5052 aluminum

Built-in, adjustable visor (optional - GG)

UV-resistant polycarbonate lens


Trunnion mount (standard) 5° indexed aiming

Pipe mount (optional)


500 – 0.09m^2 (1.21 sq ft)

250 – 0.11m^2 (0.96 sq ft)



SAA AS/NZS 60598.2.5



Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions




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