Lighting for Maritime

Decades of experience providing shipboard lighting solutions for the demanding and corrosive environments vessels endure.

Marine Lighting Solutions 

Phoenix provides American-made marine light fixtures specifically designed to conquer the harsh realities of maritime life. Our marine grade lighting is built to withstand moisture, corrosion, salt spray, extreme temperatures, and constant vibration, making them the ideal choice for a variety of vessels. We understand the needs of operators for safe and efficient lighting onboard, which is why we design and manufacture a complete range of marine lighting solutions, including emergency marine lighting. 

Our commitment extends beyond durability. Phoenix marine lighting is energy-efficient, reducing maintenance costs and environmental impact. Our fixtures meet industry certifications like ABS and UL, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. We collaborate with shipyards, naval architects, and operators to create customized commercial marine lighting solutions. Additionally, we offer lighting calculations to assist vessels of all sizes in achieving the perfect layout that meets required specifications. 

Tugboat and Towboat LED Lights - Enhance visibility and safety for harbor maneuvering and towing operations.

Tug, Tow & Push Boats

These vessels require durable, application specific LED lights for tug boat and towboat that are long-lasting and minimize maintenance downtime. Phoenix provides complete ship sets of marine grade LED lighting solutions for inland and offshore operations, guaranteeing reliable and effective illumination. 

Commercial Fishing LED Lights - Illuminating nets and decks for efficient and safe nighttime fishing operations.

Commercial Fishing Vessels

Commercial fishing LED lights need to be tough enough to endure the unpredictable and demanding conditions at sea while minimizing maintenance and prioritizing crew safety. Our American-made above and below deck LED light fixtures for marine vessels are built to endure vibration, moisture, and corrosion, keeping fishermen productive and safe. 

Dredge and Work Barge Lighting - Durable American-made LED solutions including flood lights, waterline perimeter lights, and emergency lighting for safe and efficient dredging operations.

Dredges and Work Barges

Lighting for dredges and work barges must be exceptionally durable to withstand the heavy shock, vibration, and corrosive environment laden with dirt and debris. Phoenix leverages decades of experience in illuminating demanding applications to provide heavy-duty marine LED floodlights for all areas of dredges and barges. Our fixtures are constructed with marine grade components, stainless steel mounting brackets, and fully potted drivers for maximum durability. 

Offshore Supply Vessel LED Lighting - High-performance LED fixtures designed to withstand harsh offshore environments, ensuring crew safety and operational efficiency.

Offshore Supply Vessels

Our offshore vessel LED lights comply with critical maritime lighting certifications and standards, ensuring they stand up to the harsh weather and corrosive elements encountered in offshore operations. By providing high-performance and durable lighting, Phoenix helps to keep workers safe and maximize productivity. 

Phoenix LED Lights: Built to MILSPEC/USCG Standards (Navy, Coast Guard, MSC)

Military Service Vessels

For over 50 years, Phoenix has been a trusted supplier of MILSPEC/USCG/ Military Sealift Command LED lights to the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, and Military Sealift Command vessels. Our marine grade LED lights are found throughout the fleet, illuminating cargo holds, flight decks, and waterline perimeters. We offer a comprehensive range of fixtures, technical support, and complimentary lighting simulations to create customized solutions that meet each mission's specific safety and efficiency goals. 

Ferry LED lighting safeguards passengers and enables clear navigation on ferries, passenger ships, and research vessels.

Ferries, Passenger & Research Vessels

Reliable lighting is paramount for ferries, passenger vessels, and research vessels to ensure passenger safety and navigate the marine environment effectively. Phoenix has extensive experience in illuminating these applications and offers ferry LED lights and research vessel LED lights that are both durable and marine rated, meeting even the most stringent safety and security requirements. 

Equipping Your Vessel with Durable Marine Lighting Solutions

From deck lights and engine room lights to flanking lights and waterline perimeter lights, Phoenix has the American-made, marine LED light solution to meet the specific needs of your vessel. Let us help you navigate the seas with confidence and clarity.

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