LED Lighting for Iconic Staten Island Ferry 

End Customer: Staten Island Ferry
Location: New York City

Project Details:

Phoenix Lighting was chosen to illuminate the newest three vessels in the Staten Island Ferry fleet. Based on Phoenix’s reputation in the marine market, Elliott Bay Design Group knew they could count on the US-based manufacturer to deliver reliable LED lighting that will withstand the marine environment and keep passengers safe. An LED package was chosen for the new vessels’ overhead and floodlighting to meet stringent safety and security requirements and to ensure durable, marine-rated lighting. Phoenix Lighting is proud to illuminate these iconic ferries and support the goals of the New York City Department of Transportation.

The Staten Island Ferry

New York’s Staten Island Ferry is one of the last remaining vestiges of an entire ferry system that transports people between Manhattan and its future boroughs long before bridges were built. The Staten Island Ferry currently provides 22 million people a year with ferry services between Staten Island and lower Manhattan. About 40,400 trips are made annually. The ride provides a majestic view of New York Harbor, The Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island and is known as ‘one of the world’s greatest and shortest water voyages.’

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