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Durable lighting built for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor industrial applications.

Lighting Solutions for Industrial Applications 

What is industrial lighting? Industrial lighting encompasses specialized lighting solutions designed for the unique needs of factories, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other demanding environments. Industrial lighting prioritizes durability, high output, and resistance to harsh and hazardous locations, moisture, and extreme temperatures. These factors are crucial for ensuring worker safety, optimizing productivity, and maintaining efficient operations. 

For decades, Phoenix has been the industry leader for commercial and industrial environments seeking durable solutions and the latest lighting technologies. We offer a wide range of solutions for outdoor applications through our industrial LED flood lights, large area lights, and wet and hazardous location rated lights. Our solutions for indoor industrial applications included high bay LED lights and linear LED lights.

Our intelligent controls system can be integrated with various lighting solutions for industrial applications, including LED flood lights and heavy duty LED lights, allowing you to schedule lights, automate on and off capabilities, and receive constant monitoring of connected fixtures. This translates to improved safety, lower operational costs, and reduced maintenance needs. 

Wastewater & Water Treatment plants

Wastewater & Water Treatment plants

Wastewater treatment plants operate in demanding environments where lighting plays a critical role in ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance with regulatory standards. Phoenix Lighting offers innovative, hazardous-rated LED fixtures designed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. These solutions provide glare-free illumination for various treatment processes, enhance visibility in confined spaces, and ensure security in outdoor areas. With robust construction to withstand harsh conditions, Phoenix’s lighting supports the safe and efficient operation of wastewater treatment facilities, contributing to public health and environmental protection.

Phoenix's industrial wall pack lights and LED area lights provide uniform illumination for safe and secure navigation in walkways, tunnels, and bridges.


Phoenix offers LED high mast lights, flood lights, and linear fixtures for various outdoor industrial applications like walkways, tunnels, and bridges. Our solutions deliver even illumination that enhances safety, security, and visibility, even in harsh or corrosive environments. We also offer hazardous location LED lighting options for these areas. Leverage Phoenix's intelligent controls system to maximize fixture lifespan and achieve greater energy savings.

Phoenix's industrial LED dock lights, designed specifically for loading docks and doors, enhance safety and efficiency during nighttime loading and unloading operations.

Loading Docks

Loading docks are crucial for smooth operations. Since developing the first dock light in 1960, our innovative docklite® product line continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of material handling. Whether you require a flexible arm, dimming ability, or hazardous location rated or explosion-proof LED task light (C1D1/C1D2), Phoenix dock lights provide unmatched safety and efficiency. 

Phoenix's LED lighting solutions for warehouses and manufacturing facilities (including high bay, linear high bay, and heavy duty options) deliver superior illumination, lower energy bills, and reduced lighting maintenance time.

Warehouses & Manufacturing Facilities

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities require well-designed lighting systems that promote safety, quality control, and worker productivity. From warehouse LED lights and warehouse high bay LED lights for production areas, storage, and conveyors, to industrial wall pack lights for perimeter security, Phoenix illuminates where it's needed most. Our solutions also contribute to lower energy consumption and reduced lighting maintenance time. 

Phoenix offers industrial wall pack lights, area lights, and explosion-proof LED options (C1D1/C1D2 rated) for safe and efficient task and maintenance lighting in warehouses, factories, wastewater treatment plants, loading docks, and other demanding environments.

Task & Maintenance Lighting

Phoenix offers heavy duty LED lights suitable for task and maintenance areas, providing optimal light for worker productivity and safety in industrial applications. These impact-resistant lights offer protection in challenging environments where collisions are a possibility. Our task and maintenance light fixtures are ideal for service, maintenance, repair, inspection, and cleaning operations in both indoor and outdoor settings, including wet or hazardous locations. 

Phoenix's heavy-duty LED flood lights (including mobile equipment lights) offer dependable, high-performance illumination for municipal, construction, and agricultural applications, ensuring safety and productivity even in harsh environments.

Municipal, Construction & Agricultural Equipment

Phoenix's DC equipment lights provide dependable illumination for various mobile equipment used in municipal, construction, agricultural, and other industrial applications. These industrial LED flood lights meet exacting durability standards to keep productivity and safety high while minimizing maintenance. With exceptional glare control and a wide variety of beam patterns, Phoenix's DC equipment lights improve illumination for operators, allowing them to perform their jobs safely and efficiently.

Phoenix Lighting: Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Industrial Lighting Needs

From high bay LED lights and LED flood lights to hazardous location lighting and dock lights, Phoenix offers a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to meet the diverse needs of industrial and commercial facilities. We are committed to providing innovative, durable, and energy-efficient lighting for industrial applications that enhance safety, productivity, and overall operational efficiency.

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