PennDOT installs hazardous location lighting for wash bays

Completion date: January 2019
End Customer: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Lighting Rep: Penn Lighting Associates
Location: Multiple Locations Throughout PA

Project Details

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) oversees programs and policies affecting highways, urban and rural public transportation, airports, railroads, ports and waterways for the state of Pennsylvania. PennDOT employs roughly 11,375 employees who are responsible for the maintenance, restoration and expansion of the state’s transportation systems. These maintenance activities include shoulder grading, pipe replacing, surface treatment, patching, winter operations and much more.

Heavy industrial vehicles are required to maintain hundreds of thousands of miles of state and local highways and 55,000 bridges that PennDOT. The vehicles get covered in heavy dirt and chemicals from the materials used in these operations. In order to get the vehicles properly cleaned and the dirt and chemicals properly disposed of, the vehicles need to go through PennDOT’s wash down bays. The old wash down bays were using HID fixtures. The old fixtures used a lot of energy, required frequent maintenance and were run down after years of use.

PennDOT needed a highly durable, water resistant fixture and decided to replace the old HID’s with Phoenix HDL-LEDs. The HDL-LED fixtures met the hazardous location requirements needed to go into the wash bay where water, chemicals and dirt create heavy debris. In addition to the hazardous location certifications, the HDL fixture is compact and has a low profile so the fixture provides a precise amount of light but is never struck by the big industrial vehicles. Backed by Phoenix’s five year warranty, the durable HLD-LED fixture will light the wash bay efficiently and safely with no required maintenance for years.

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