Navigation Lights

Serviceable, modular and marine-rated navigation lights

Designed for commercial and most military vessels, the ABS and UL 1104 certified SturdiSignal navigation lights feature a high degree of repairability, durability and integrated warning and failsafe measures.


SturdiSignal navigation lights are available for all locations onboard commercial vessels greater than 20m. They are designed to withstand the moisture, vibration and corrosive conditions onboard and are IP68 certified, ABS approved and UL1104, MSC 253 (83) 4.3 compliant. Available in both single head and double head versions along with AC/DC power supply. 

Autonomous, self-monitoring models of the navigation lights are available to constantly monitor the intensity of the output and notify the vessel if output falls below COLREGS regulations.

A compatible alarm panel can be installed to the navigation light to provide additional information and warning about any failures. This panel is customizable and available in a variety of options and interfaces to suit your preference for operation 


  • Commercial Vessels. Suitable for use on tugboats, towboats, passenger ferries, fishing vessels, trawlers and barges.
  • Military Ships and Naval Vessels. Versions available for U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and Military Sealift Command Vessels 



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