SturdiSignal™ Series | Navigation Light

Marine grade and ABS approved LED navigation light


The SturdiSignal™ Series is a complete range of UL1104 and ABS certified LED navigation lights. They are designed for any size vessels over 20m in length and are available in a complete variety of colors and distance ranges to provide safe and reliable illumination. The SturdiSignal reduces vessel operational costs through its modular and repairable design. Both the LED and driver are mounted within a replaceable module. Spare modules are available and replaceable without needing tools or an electrician.

The SturdiSignal is the only navigation light integrated with unique and patented technology, such as brightness intensity monitoring and warning capabilities. The double head autonomous model doubles the fixture’s lifespan and features an automatic switchover function to preserve vessel compliance when one head fails or falls below COLREGs requirements.

Our navigation lights are both designed and manufactured in the USA for commercial and military vessel retrofits and new construction. A variety of mounting bases are available to match existing navigation lights from Perko, McDermott, Aqua Signal or others.

A control panel is available in combination with the navigation lights for both new construction and retrofits. If an existing control panel requires modification, we can fulfill that to your requirements.





Single Head

Double Head



12-32V DC

Ambient Operating Temperature

-40C to +50C


White, Red, Green, Yellow


Port, Starboard, Masthead, Tow, Manouvering



Marine grade, machined aluminum housing

MIL-A-8625 Type 2 clear anodize

UV stabilized, weatherproof, clear polycarbonate lens


4-hole 1/2 inch KIng Starboard polymer plate

Multiple plate and mounting hold options available

Mounting plates available to match existing lights and brands


Single or double cable entry available

½ inch NPT cable gland


  • IP66/IP68
  • UL1104
  • ABS
  • IMO Resolution MSC 253 (83) 4.3


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