Vaporproof Lights

High performing, durable fixtures that are easy to install and retrofit in the field

Sealed for use in outdoor and indoor applications that are wet, damp, dusty or dry.


We offer vaporproof fixtures in a variety of models, globe options and mounting capabilities, specifically designed to handle harsh environments while providing reliable illumination. Suited for installation in both outdoor and indoor environments exposed to wet, damp, dirty and dry elements. These rugged fixtures are constructed with marine grade components and are available with marine and wet location ratings.

Ceiling and wall mounts are useful in a variety of locations depending on your needs. Whether you use a durable cast aluminum or heavty-duty nylon housing, our vapor proof fixtures are designed for maximum resistance to impact and moisture. With our retrofit kits, you can easily upgrade existing incandescent and fluorescent fixtures. The diffuse lens allows for even light distribution and reduced glare.

Our heavy-duty jelly jar and linear vaportight fixtures are typically found on solid structures, marine vessels, mining equipment, tankers as well as walkways, doorways or stairwells. 


  • Marine applications: Walkways, doorways and stairwells on the deck and interior of vessels, as well as perimeter deck lighting
  • Mining applications: Perimeter and walkway lighting on large mining equipment like shovels and draglines, machine, electrical and engine rooms, as well as any dusty or dirty location
  • Industrial applications: Parking garages, carwashes, transportation centers, subways, swimming pools, locker rooms, automotive repair facilities as well as food processing facilities, including walk-in freezers, and industrial kitchens


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