LED High Bays Improve Working Conditions for Wisconsin Factory

Completion date: 2018
End Customer: HeatTek
Location: Ixonia, WI

Project Details:

At HeatTek’s state of the art warehouse in Ixonia, WI, employees engineer and manufacture large heat treat ovens, washers, and vacuum pressure impregnation systems. These complete systems are custom designed for the rechargeable battery, motor, and 2 piece Metal Container industries. In this type of environment, lighting is a key component in ensuring employees are safe and their high quality standards continue to be met with precision work.

To combat frequent lamp replacements and poor lighting quality of their old x6 lamp fluorescent lights, HeatTek installed Phoenix's Ascend Series high bay LED lights in their 70,000 square foot facility.

The higher quality of light provided by the Ascend Series has improved visibility, provided a safer work environment, reduced time spent on maintenance, and decreased energy costs.

Click here to learn more about Phoenix Ascend Series and how LED can save your customers money and improve efficiency on their warehouse lighting.

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