Port of Freeport reduces energy consumption with high mast lighting

End Customer: Port of Freeport
Location: Freeport, TX

Project Details

Port Freeport is strategically located just a few miles outside of Houston on the Gulf and is the 26th largest port in terms of annual tonnage and one of the fastest-growing ports in the US. In 2015, Port Freeport handled 125,000 TEUs, which was up 25% from the previous year. With expansion plans ongoing with the new Velasco Terminal, Freeport estimates that an additional 90 acres will soon be available for container operations, increasing their capacity to 800,000 TEUs annually.

Freeport was expanding its port operations and realized that the traditional 1000 watt HPS lights were not only energy inefficient but also required unnecessary maintenance. The customer was looking for a solid-state LED lighting solution that provided energy savings as well as long-term reliability.

Installed advanced 500W LED High Mast luminaires with adaptive lighting control technology. The premium fixtures offered reliable, high-performance LEDs and drivers in a durable housing that provided enhanced color recognition and consumed only 570 watts. A 100,000 hour L70 lifetime delivered significant energy savings over time and eliminated maintenance cycles. Integrated wireless controls using an 802.15.4 mesh network allowed on/off/dim functionality with scheduling capabilities to achieve up to 25-30% in additional savings.


  • Over 70% reduction in energy consumption

  • Projected annual kWh saved: 1,593,970 kWh

  • Projected annual energy savings: $127,518

  • Projected annual maintenance savings: $13,884

  • ​Payback: 2.8 years

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