The world’s busiest airport gets a brighter outlook

ATL upgrades apron lighting to LED

End Customer: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Application: Apron Lighting
Products Used: 500W High Mast LED fixtures (first generation of the Highland Series)
Location: Atlanta, GA

Project Details

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) is the busiest airport in the world - both in passengers and number of flights. The global hub accommodates 100 million passengers and 950,119 flights each year. ATL has 207 gates, covers 4,700 acres of land, and has five parallel runways.

Atlanta airport illuminated its aircraft parking apron with over 740 high pressure sodium lights during night-time operations. This number of fixtures was necessary because high light levels are required to provide adequate safety for ground personnel at night. The lighting was controlled via mechanical timers which occasionally failed and left many lights on, thus wasting energy all day. The HPS lights also required constant maintenance with frequent lamp and ballast replacement cycles.

In 2018, the traditional HPS lights at ATL were replaced with premium, LED High Mast fixtures. Each upgraded light has an optical package that was customized for optimal light coverage on the apron. The crisp, brilliant white light delivers an average illuminance of over 4 foot-candles and offers improved color recognition for security cameras and better night-time visibility for ground personnel. Adjustable glare shields eliminate light trespass for pilots and ground crews. The 100,000 hour rated life of the fixture ultimately reduced maintenance costs by $22,910 annually.


  • Projected annual kWh saved: 1,874,710 kWh

  • Projected annual energy savings: $224,965

  • Projected annual maintenance savings: $22,910

  • Achieved 4 fc illuminance average on the apron

  • Payback: 3.0 years

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