The world’s busiest airport gets a brighter outlook

ATL upgrades apron lighting to LED


End Customer: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Application: Apron Lighting
Location: Atlanta, GA

Project Details

Project Details

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is the busiest airport in the world by passenger volume, accommodating 107.4 million people on a total of 895,502 flights last year alone. ATL has 192 gates, covers 4,700 acres of land, and has five parallel runways.

ATL had illuminated its passenger gates with over 740 high pressure sodium lights during night-time operations. The HPS lights also required constant maintenance with frequent lamp and ballast replacement cycles.

In 2018, the traditional HPS lights at ATL were replaced with premium, purpose-built LED High Mast fixtures. Each upgraded light has an optical package that was customized for optimal light coverage on the apron. The crisp, white light delivers an average illuminance of over 4 foot-candles and offers improved color recognition for security cameras and better night-time visibility for ground personnel. Adjustable glare shields eliminate light trespass for pilots and ground crews.


Projected annual kWh saved: 1,874,710 kWh
Projected annual energy savings: $224,965
Projected annual maintenance savings: $22,910
Achieved 4 fc illuminance average on the apron
Payback: 3.0 years


Dr. Kofi Smith, President and CEO of Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company explains the significance of the project: “The lighting retrofit project has had a positive impact on various aspects of our operations. The pilots are more comfortable walking around the plane for physical inspections, and baggage handlers, fueling operators and those managing the ground support equipment (GSE) are all able to more accurately and effectively perform their jobs. Safety and security around the planes and on the ramps have been significantly enhanced due to the doubled light levels reaching the tails of the planes.  I am equally excited that we have added to our sustainability initiative by significantly reducing energy usage by 50% with the LED High Mast fixtures.  AATC is fully committed to the highest level of service for our operating partners and continues to drive sustainability across our business.”


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