Brazilian Copper Mine Overhauls Truck Fleet with Phoenix’s Mobile DC Floodlights 

Location: North Region of Brazil

Project Details

A copper mine in the Para state, Amazon region of Brazil, needed to overhaul its haul truck fleet. Buying new equipment would not be feasible, so the next best option would be to extend the lifetime of the existing trucks. The mine site looked to Phoenix for a cost effect lighting solution that would optimize operations and last through the rest of the mine’s lifetime.


The site’s engineering department required a DC product that would be easy to install and have the quality approval of operations. They planned to test Phoenix’s mobile DC floodlights on a single haul truck for two months.


Immediately after installation, operators and technicians noted a visible difference in illumination compared to the previous traditional lights on the equipment. They approved Phoenix’s durable, mobile DC floodlights for the full retrofit of their truck fleet. In addition to being cost-effective, the fixtures drastically increased safety and visibility. The mobile DC floodlights met the sites requirements for a fast and efficient installation. Phoenix’s LEDs require little maintenance; they support the sites efforts to improve productivity and operational efficiency. The site continues to see results and remains satisfied with the fixtures high performance.


Since the LED retrofit, word traveled quickly! Phoenix’s mobile DC lights have now been installed on over a thousand pieces of equipment in Brazil on 25 different mine sites.

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