Why choose the Danger Light for your equipment? 

Location: Kemerov Region of the Russian Federation

Project Details

Looking to increase safety during their operations, a coal mining company in the Kemerov Region of the Russian Federation installed Phoenix’s Danger Light and a competitive light fixture on two of their shovels and compared their performances over the course of a few months.

The Danger Light was the clear favorite lighting solution that best provides a distinctive, narrow, red beam around the equipment so that nearby personnel and auxiliary equipment would not accidently enter the dangerous area.

The site has nearly twenty electric and hydraulic shovels in operation. The Danger Light has now been installed on all their loading equipment to save time, money, and lives. The fixture allows for double sided loading due to the clear illumination of the danger zones around the equipment. When a site can load from each side of the equipment, productivity and subsequently profitably increases. Furthermore, the Danger Light avoids accidents by clearly defining the shovel perimeter.  

Phoenix’s Danger Light allowed the mine site to strengthen their commitment to the highest level of operations in both safety and productivity. They continue to be satisfied with the results. To watch the video comparing the competitive fixture to the Phoenix Danger Light, click here.

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