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ModCom fixtures mounted at an industrial facility

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  • Cube-Light Durability Test

    We've launched our Cube-Light from a giant slingshot onto a steel plate. Watch to see how it took the impact!
  • Cube-Light Installation Instructions

    Compact LED Area Light
  • Cube-Light Installation Instructions - Spanish

    Compact LED Area Light
  • Cube-Light Introduction

    On November 17, 2014, Phoenix introduced the Cube-Light to the world proving that bright things DO come in small packages.
  • Cube-Light Photometric Files

    Compact LED Area Light
  • Cube-Light Press Release

    Phoenix proves that bright things come in small packages
  • Cube-Light Spec Sheet

    Compact LED Area Light
  • ReadiLED Series Spec Sheet

    Cube-Light Spec Sheet - Spanish

    Compact LED Area Light
  • Cube-Light Wall Mount Installation Instructions

    Compact LED area light that delivers up to 1000 lumens to doorways, walkways, cabins or other small areas