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Phoenix provides premium cutting-edge LED fixtures that deliver the quality and durability your operations require.


Phoenix ModCom Hi LED Floodlights on a crane



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Cutting-edge LED fixtures to illuminate extreme environments.

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LFXB LED Series Image


Explosion-proof Linear LED available in 2 foot and 4 foot lengths
SturdiSignal Series LED Warning Signal Light

SturdiSignal™ Series | LED Warning Signal Light

Economic yet durable warning signal for use on container, bulk and intermodal equipment

Meridian Spec Sheet - Russian

High mast & area LED floodlight available in 40,000 and 80,000 lumen models.

Meridian Installation Instructions

High Mast & Area LED Floodlight

Aviation Brochure

View our LED lighting and controls solution for aviation applications

Wayfinder Spec Sheet

LED Accessway Light
Wayfinder LED Lit

Wayfinder™ | LED Accessway Light

Delivers up to 1100 lumens to accessways, walkways, stairways and other small areas. Offers EMB option.
ReadiLED Series Spec Sheet

Danger Light™ Spec Sheet - Spanish

Heavy Duty LED

Danger Light™ Spec Sheet - Russian

Heavy Duty LED

Danger Light™ Spec Sheet - Portuguese

Heavy Duty LED