Phoenix Lighting Launches Waterline and Deck Floodlight

March 9, 2020

Phoenix introduces the Command Flood™ - a durable, marine grade, deck and waterline perimeter LED floodlight designed specifically to withstand the high corrosion and high vibration environment onboard vessels. The Command Flood delivers the illumination necessary for a safe operation while bringing reliability that will reduce maintenance and operational costs. The fixture is made in the USA at the Phoenix Lighting factory in Milwaukee, WI.

Delivering unrivaled efficiency, the Command Flood is ideal for above deck lighting applications
on tugs, barges and workboats as well as perimeter and waterline security needs onboard
Naval and Coast Guard vessels. The Command Flood was engineered as a solution for
shipyards and vessel operators to achieve the ideal balance between cost and performance in
floodlighting - a common challenge within the marine industry. The Command Flood achieves
that balance while reducing risk and delivery times for shipyards and operators.

As with all Phoenix LED products, the Command Flood increases efficiency, eliminates untimely
maintenance, reduces energy and fuel consumption, and is built with Phoenix’s signature
rugged construction. It can be quickly and locally serviced if the need ever arises and was
designed with a deep understanding of the marine regulations that exist. It is UL1598, 1598A,
CSA and ABS certified.

To learn more about the Command Flood, please visit the product page or download the spec

And to see a side-by-side comparison of how the Command Flood compares to a leading
alternative, click here.