See what our new DC floodlight can do for your vessel

June 17, 2020

Sturdilite® Master Series

Phoenix Lighting has introduced the Sturdilite® Master Series - a low-voltage LED floodlight ideal for installation on pilot, fire and patrol boats. The durable yet compact design provides safe and reliable light despite the harsh marine environment. In an environment that does not historically allow for fixture longevity, the US-based manufacturer has rewritten the standards by building and testing this fixture for every extreme. 

The Master Series is IP69K rated and features a super heavy-duty stainless steel harp to withstand significant and continuous shock and vibration. The fixture has been tested for frequency disturbances and was determined to not affect radio transmissions.

The Master Series comes in two versions – 24W and 48W - that produces up to 2500 and 5000 lumens, respectively. The Master Series uses premium Osram LEDs and has a 5000K color temperature.

The Master Series has three application-specific beam patterns; spot, flood, and elliptical, to optimize light output and distribution for all vessels and equipment. An additional key feature includes aiming indicators on the harp to ensure easy installation and replication of the beam angles.

The premium line of LED fixtures includes a conformal coated circuit board, which ensures the fixture will withstand the rigors of the marine environment. The Master Series has a high-temperature polycarbonate lens and tempered glass lens options that feature an anti-stick coating to avoid dust and dirt buildup. A strategically-placed breather valve allows vapor and pressure to escape, thus optimizing performance and lifetime of the fixture.

The Master Series is extremely versatile and can be used with any direct current power source. The fixture can perform in a broad temperature range of -40C to +65C, and has a 50,000 hour rated life and a 3-year warranty.

To see the specification sheet for the Sturdilite® Master Series, please click here.