Explosion-proof Lights

Delivers superior illumination in the most dangerous environments

Range of durable lights approved for use in classified Class 1, Division 1 hazardous locations, made with the highest standards of construction and quality


We offer a variety of explosion-proof LED lights certified for use where ignitable concentrates of gases, liquids and vapors exist under normal operating conditions. Approved for use in Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D environments, our explosion-proof fixtures are designed and tested to perform in the most dangerous environments.

Our durable, corrosion-resistant lights provide superior illumination and protection in any circumstance. All explosion-proof LED fixtures deliver energy efficient, maintenance-free light. Suited for installation in a range of locations that include facilities where hazardous materials are present continuously, periodically or during repair and maintenance operations.


  • Mining applications: Mining and coal production & processing, gasoline dispensing and service stations, petroleum and chemical refineries, land drilling rigs and fuel depots
  • Marine applications: Petroleum and chemical transportation barges, offshore drilling rigs and platforms, oil and chemical tankers, shipyards, marinas, offshore supply vessels
  • Industrial applications: Water treatment plants, chemical rooms, power plants, grain processing and storage, paper and pulp mills, paint spray booths, refineries, solvent & cleaning areas and chemical manufacturing
  • Other applications: Government aircraft hangars and munition storage, aircraft maintenance, bulk handling and other facilities where ignitable concentrations of gases, liquids or vapors can exist


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