From our reliable traditional dock lighting designs to cutting-edge LED technology, Phoenix's premium docklite® line delivers the quality and durability you require for material handling.


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Loading Dock Lights

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Loading Dock Lights

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Durable dock lighting in a variety of options.

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Quality dock lights with short lead-times
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We design and manufacture reliable dock lights for high-performing loading dock operations
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Proper dock lighting is one of the most significant requirements for improved safety and productivity when loading and unloading trucks at dock doors. For over 60 years, we’ve designed and manufactured reliable dock lights for high-performing loading dock operations. 

Our quality dock lights provide glare-free, uniform light from the dock door to the back of a trailer by using custom optics and dimming options. Engineered to withstand impact from fork trucks and shipping pallets, our docklite® line offers options for polycarbonate or cast aluminium heads, different arm lengths and rugged construction.

The docklite® product line is engineered for durability in every industrial environment, from hazardous and wet conditions, to high-traffic, high-volume warehouses, workshops, distribution, and industrial facilities. Available in a variety of specialized features, our loading dock lights will meet any of your unique material handling needs.  

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  • Flexible arm dock light: A flexible dock light arm allows you to direct the light exactly where you need it, whether that’s the back of a truck or trailer, or workbench illumination for specific tasks. With our flexible arm design, you can expect an impressive range of motion and a sturdy arm that will remain in place once set in position. If you prefer a flexible arm, the Flexpro is the industry leading flexible arm dock light.
  • Modular head and arm dock light: Choose the dock light head that best meets your needs whether that be an LED head or a polycarbonate head with an incandescent lamp. You can choose the length and construction of your dock light arm. We offer 24”, 42” and 60” single strut arms and 42” and 60” double strut arms.
  • Wet location rated dock light: We offer the only wet location rated dock light on the market to illuminate your most challenging applications like spray down areas, cold storage or dock areas exposed to outdoor conditions. 
  • Hazardous location rated dock light: Also available is an explosion-proof rated dock light for applications like chemical plants and refineries.
The Phoenix docklite®
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DLA 2 docklite® Spec Sheet
9W Modular LED Loading Dock Light Head
FlexPro docklite® Photometric Files
Discover each optic option’s light levels with the FlexPro docklite® Series photometric files
Energy-efficient LED floodlights trusted worldwide in the most demanding industries
Area Lights
Purpose-built LED lights for dedicated applications
Linear Lights
Tube lights, snap lights and other linear lights that are easy to install and retrofit in the field

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Flexible Arm LED docklite®

DLAW 2 LED docklite® Photometrics Files

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18 inch adjustable fan

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Modular docklite®

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9W Wet Location LED Task Light

DLAW 2 Spec Sheet

9W LED Wet Location docklite®

DLA 2 Installation Instructions

9W Modular LED Loading Dock Light Head

DLA 2 Spec Sheet

9W Modular LED Loading Dock Light Head