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ModCom fixtures mounted at an industrial facility

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  • Sturdilite® Master Series MED Spec Sheet - Spanish

    Low-voltage LED Floodlight
  • Sturdilite® Master Series: Haul Truck Retrofit

    We outfitted a CAT haul truck with the Sturdilite® Master Series DC floodlights - and what a difference better light makes!
  • Sturdilite® Move Series HI Spec Sheet

    Low-voltage LED Floodlight
  • Sturdilite® Move Series LO Spec Sheet

    Low-voltage LED Floodlight
  • Sturdilite® Move Series MED Spec Sheet

    Low-voltage LED Floodlight
  • SturdiSignal™ Series Installation Instructions

    Navigation Light
  • SturdiSignal™ Series Navigation Light Repairability Demo

    Designed for ease of maintenance, the modular SturdiSignal™ Series navigation lights allow for a toolless repair in the field
  • SturdiSignal™ Series | Blue Steering Light

    Blue Steering (Peep) light suitable for barges and blue water vessels greater than 20m
  • SturdiSignal™ Series | Control Panel Ordering Checklist

    Modular design navigation light