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Phoenix does more than sell lighting fixtures. We are experts in the industries we serve and are committed to keeping the conversation about lighting fresh and new. We offer educational resources, case studies, lighting data, as well as product literature like specification sheets and installation instructions.

ModCom fixtures mounted at an industrial facility

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  • Case Study - ACUITY

    Phoenix's EcoMod LED floodlight illuminates the World's Tallest Symbol of Freedom
  • Article - A Manufacturer’s Slight Spin on the Agency Business Model

    Agency Sales Magazine - August 2015
  • Article - A Tale of Two Fixtures

    Mining Magazine - August 2014
  • Article - Bright Ideas

    Port Strategy - July 2013
  • Article - Choosing the Right LED Fixture

    Port Industry - Fall 2014
  • Tradeshow Feature - The Cube-Light & How to Choose the Right LED Fixture

    The Cube-Light & How to Choose the Right LED Fixture
  • Article - Curb Energy Costs to Boost Profts, Maintain Competitiveness

    AAPA Seaports - 2013 - Interview with Phoenix's CEO, Scott Fredrick
  • Tradeshow Feature - EcoMod® 450 & How to Choose the Right LED Fixture

    Phoenix was featured at the 2014 WorkBoat Show
  • Article - Enlightened Thinking

    Container Management - December 2014