Phoenix Lighting Launches Durable Dock Door and Warehouse Light

December 11, 2019

Phoenix Lighting introduces the latest addition to the docklite® series, the FlexPro. With an improved compact design, more efficient LED board and new premium arm, the FlexPro is lighter, brighter and stronger than its predecessor.

Additional features, such as the bi-level dimming functionality, means the fixture can operate in high and low illumination modes. The enhanced component selection allows the FlexPro to operate in a larger ambient temperature range (-40° C to +40° C). The FlexPro also boasts expanded input voltage capabilities and can operate at 120V (NEMA 5-15 plug) as well as 100-277V (pigtail).

Noticeable advancements to the fixture’s arm design mean better longevity, stability and flexibility.

Phoenix’s Product and Applications Engineer, Jordan Dahl, weighs in on the launch. “We’re always looking for ways to use new technology to improve our fixtures. Our FlexPro docklite is an excellent example of that. The new bi-level dimming feature allows users to choose between two brightness options depending on the size of the truck or general preference.”

Dahl goes on to discuss improvements to the construction and hardware.

“The thermally conductive plastic head reduces weight while maintaining low operating temperatures, which improves the lifetime of the LEDs. Phoenix customers can expect outstanding illumination and longevity from the FlexPro.”

For customers looking to upgrade, the FlexPro utilizes the same wall bracket as the Flex, making a retrofit quick and simple.

To learn more about the FlexPro docklite, please visit the product page or download the spec sheet here.