Phoenix Adds New Benefits to OEM Partner Program

September 20, 2019

OEM Partner Program - Phoenix Lighting

September 20, 2019 - Phoenix Lighting is proud to launch the addition of new and extended benefits to the OEM Partner Program. Aimed at heavy equipment and infrastructure manufacturers, the program delivers added value to businesses searching for a comprehensive lighting solution.

As the leading provider of heavy equipment lighting for over 75 years, Phoenix has spent decades doing what it takes to conquer the toughest lighting challenges. Phoenix’s unmatched industry expertise paired with a diverse line of durable LED products has helped OEMs light some of the most demanding environments and conditions on Earth. To ensure our OEM partners achieve the right lighting for their needs, Phoenix offers complimentary lighting calculations that allow manufacturers see how LEDs will illuminate their equipment and the area around it.

Because budget often plays a key role in the decisions manufacturers make, the program includes access to an exclusive pricing initiative that keeps cost and savings top of mind. To see Phoenix’s entire collection of durable LEDs, please click here.

Manufacturers can count on Phoenix to exceed their lighting expectations. Each and every Phoenix LED is built with Durability by Design® at its foundation. By guaranteeing our products and results, OEMs who partner with Phoenix can depend on achieving a reliable, long-term lighting solution.

For inquiries or to learn more about becoming a member of the OEM Partner Program, please contact Patrick Peczerski.

Patrick Peczerski - Phoenix Lighting - OEM Partner Program