Exciting updates to LEDs in ModCom 2® and EcoMod 2®

March 23, 2020

ModCom 2 FloodlightPhoenix Lighting is proud to announce some exciting upgrades to the LEDs on both the EcoMod®2 and ModCom®2 fixtures. 

What are the changes/benefits?

  • Higher efficacy (LPW) - The ModCom 2 & EcoMod 2 now require less wattage, which will save the customer money on energy consumption.
  • Additional LEDs will help dissipate heat to optimize your fixtures performance in environments where high dirt, dust and debris is present.
  • While performance has improved, pricing will remain the same. 

Phoenix has been illuminating the world's most challenging enviornments for 77 years and we're committed to bringing our unrivaled industry expertise to your operation with the same durability you've come to know and expect. 

The next steps

If you have questions about how this affects any current or future orders, please contact your Phoenix Regional Sales Manager.