IS2000 | Infrared Imaging System

Improve operator visibility and safety in dusty or bad weather conditions


The IS2000 Infrared Imaging System provides improved visibility in dust, rain, snow, smoke and fog, resulting in improved efficiency and safety for operators. The system, which sees frequent use at mine sites around the world, converts the heat signatures of objects and displays them on a monitor, giving operators an additional source of visibility.

We have designed the IS2000 to survive in the toughest mining conditions, where shock, vibration and debris is constant. The IS2000 is the ideal complement to Phoenix's ModCom 2 floodlights for exterior illumination on mining shovels.


Power Source

Multi-volt AC (120-230V, 50-60Hz) 

12V or 24V DC options


LCD flat panel screen with anti-reflective coating

10.4 inch

Absorbs up to 50G shock

Ambient Operating Temperature

-40°C to +80°C (imager)


Marine grade aluminum imager housing  

Steel monitor housing 

Replaceable germanium lens


Steel mounting bracket on shock mount base


30M cable assembly standard


Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions


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