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From our reliable traditional lighting designs to cutting-edge LED technology, Phoenix provides premium linear fixtures that deliver the quality and durability your operations require.


LEDLT fixtures mounted in an industrial grain facility


Linear Lights

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Linear Lights

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Linear lighting options for any environment.

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LFXB LED Series Image


Explosion-proof Linear LED available in 2 foot and 4 foot lengths
Wayfinder LED Lit

Wayfinder™ | LED Accessway Light

<p>Delivers up to 1100 lumens to walkways, stairways and other small areas<br>Superior customized optics<br>Optional EMB<br>Rugged construction with a contemporary design<br>LED technology increases efficiency, eliminates maintenance and supports green initiatives</p>
ReadiLED Series Spec Sheet

Danger Light™ Spec Sheet - Spanish

Heavy Duty LED

Danger Light™ Spec Sheet - Russian

Heavy Duty LED

Danger Light™ Spec Sheet - Portuguese

Heavy Duty LED

Danger Light™ Installation Instructions

Heavy Duty LED

Danger Light™ Spec Sheet

Heavy Duty LED

Danger Light™

Heavy duty LED designed to illuminate the "danger zone" surrounding large mobile equipment

LEDLT Installation Instructions - Spanish

LED Tube Light

Mining Brochure - Portuguese

View our extensive LED lighting options for mining applications.