Sturdilite® E-DC Series | Low-voltage LED Floodlight

Durable, economic line of LED fixtures

Lightweight, compact design ideal for use on mobile equipment

Spot and flood optics minimize glare and provide precise optical control

LED technology increases efficiency, eliminates maintenance and supports green initiatives

E36 - MSRP: $131; 24W; Up to 2600 lumens

E56 - MRSP: $211; 56W; Up to 4500 lumens

E90 - MSRP: $299; 90W; Up to 7100 lumens


Stainless steel harp

Light source

Cree light emitting diodes (LED)

24W (E36), 56W (E56) or 90W (E90)

Effective lumens: up to 2600 lumens (24W), 4500 lumens (56W) and 7100 lumens (90W)

CCT 6000K

50,000 hour rated life


Die cast aluminum housing

Power source

18-48V DC (E36); 12-48V DC (E56 and E90)

18.00 inch cord with Deutsch connector - standard

Over-voltage, over-temperature and reverse polarity protection