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From our reliable traditional lighting designs to cutting-edge LED technology, Phoenix provides premium floodlights that deliver the quality and durability your operations require.


ModCom fixtures on an ARMG



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Large area illumination options that withstand shock, vibration and the elements.

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MRSE Spec Sheet

Heavy Duty Floodlight

EcoMod® 2 Installation Instructions

Heavy Duty LED Floodlight

ModCom® 2 Additional Installation Instructions

Heavy Duty LED Floodlight

EcoMod® 2 Spec Sheet

Heavy Duty LED Floodlight
EcoMod 2 280 Heavy Duty LED Floodlight Image

EcoMod® 2 | Heavy Duty LED Floodlight

The EcoMod 2 LED floodlight features a compact design and improved performance. The next generation of Phoenix' smart, proven fixture was specifically engineered based on industry feedback.